Complete context of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s speech – 23-04-2013

Bilawal Bhutto zardari


My dear friends
The time has brought us at the same point from where we had started our journey; once again the enemies of peace and prosperity are standing in front of us. They belong to a specific mindset; PPP has fought against this mindset for the past five years and continues to fight it till today. I wanted to contest polls living amongst you; I wanted to launch the election campaign in the streets of my country alongside my workers. I know that the Janisars of BB Shaheed are waiting anxiously for me, but we are at war against this mindset. The murderers of Quaid-e-Awam and BB Shaheed now want to eliminate us as well, I don’t care for my life, the world knows that the PPP has laid lives for democracy and Inshallah, one day I will also lead the election campaign of PPP like Shaheed Bhutto and Shaheed BB. Until that time I am assisting my elders in the campaign but not leading it.

We have to continue this journey of democracy. This is the journey of hope, this is the journey of Independence, this is the journey of prosperity of the poor, and this is the journey of the rights of the working class. This is the journey of Pakistan‘s prosperity and it will continue till we reach our destination, when there will be no fear and terror.

Today, hindrances are being created in our way because we don’t have any friends sitting in higher institutions who can also gives us stay orders like others.

Today, we are being attacked; corpses are being taken from our houses because we are not Zia’s remnants whose houses are being protected and with whom deals are being signed.
We only have the masses, those people of Pakistan who live and die for the PPP. Those laborers whose rights of living were snatched; those poor women whose rights were violated. Those children from whom their books were snatched. Where are those people who claim to have given rivers of milk and honey to the Punjab? Can’t they see the development and prosperity of people of south Punjab?
Can’t they see the people of South Punjab who are facing many hardships due to the non-provision of basic facilities and have to walk several miles just to get clean water.
Can’t they see the millions of teenagers who work in workshops?. The people are dying of hunger and poverty and you are doing the politics on sasti rotti scheme. You had time to do politics on a metro bus scheme worth 70 billion but forgot the poor people of the Punjab. You ended up establishing Danish Schools instead of providing education to the youth of Pakistan. You don’t care for the masses, you don’t know what the public wants? You don’t know what is poverty and labor.
If you want to see service to humanity, go see the Benazir Income Support Program, which has provided the rights to the women of Pakistan.
Dramatization of issues is not service to the people.
We are the party of the people of Pakistan. We are with our people and the PPP will never leave them alone, it was the promise of Shaheed Bhutto, Shaheed BB and now it is also my promise.

I have faith that the people of Sindh will vote for the PPP. The PPP led government has given the largest amount of development projects in the history of Sindh.

We have provided the highest number of jobs to the youth of sindh.
The PPP Govt has initiated such projects that it has started the elimination of unemployment from Sindh. We have protected the rights of Sindhi, we have given the powers to Sindh which have never been given before.

The PPP led Govt. has started Behan Benazir Basti for our mothers, daughters and sisters of Sindh so that they can become the owners of their own homes.

We have built a large number of roads despite floods in Sindh for the prosperity of the province.
We gave Sindhis their lost identity back. We gave rights to the people of Sindh. And the world will see that Sindh belonged to the PPP, Sindh is the PPPs and will always be the PPPs. Sindh’s sons won’t allow Zia’s remnants to win and Sindh will prove that

“Na Peer Ka, Na Meer Ka,
Vote sirf Teer Ka,
Vote Benazir Ka

Yes, we will win from Sindh because we have veteran politicians like syed Qaim Ali Shah who served the people of Sindh selflessly, Yes we will win because we have great workers like Syed Khursheed Shah who knows how to face all sort of crises, yes we will win because we have jiyalas like Amin Fahim who united the party in its most difficult times,
Yes, we will win because the loyal die hearts of Shaheed BB are present in every city, town and street of Sindh, who will never let down their great leader Shaheed BB.

South Punjab is also the base of the PPP and will remain so forever. We have welcomed the demand of south punjab so that terrorism, unemployment and poverty can be eliminated from there.

We have raised our voice for the rights of people of Multan and Bahawalpur. If the Takht-e-Lahore had not created hindrances in our way, we would have fulfilled the dream of people of South Punjab.
We have sacrificed our Prime Minister for this cause. I salute Yousuf Raza Gillani for his services. Where Makhdoom Shahbuddin and Yousaf Raza are together; we will never be defeated.

Our opponents think that they will conquer the entire Punjab by utilizing the resources of the whole Punjab on one city. They are mistaken.

Central Punjab is also a strong hold of PPP jialas (workers), this is the area of the lovers of Shaheed Bhutto who laid their lives for BB Shaheed.
No one can defeat the PPP where a worker Prime Minister like Raja Pervez Ashraf, or a wise politician like Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira and a public leader like Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar are present.

And remember that Peshawar, Quetta and Lahore are also dear to me like Larkana.

InshAllah, we will make Lahore and Peshawar the fortes of the PPP. We are all over Pakistan, we are the symbol of federation, we are the link of four provinces and we know that we will win with the support of our people.

PPP is an obsession and a passion and passions can never be defeated.

Let us relive the the election campaign of Shaheed BB.

The PPP is the life the country, the hope of poor, the voice of labor and the future of our new generation.

Whenever PPP came into power we inherited the wreckage of a dictators Pakistan; treasuries were empty, the country was facing terrorism, economy was shattered, constitution was distorted . We still continued our struggle for democracy and we are the reason others were able to return to Pakistan.

Politics is not an easy path; it doesn’t include only thrones, one also has to give blood, face imprisonment, and even death. If you want to learn politics, come and see the smiling face of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto during the time of his execution, Come and see courageous BB Shaheed warnings against terrorism in Liaquatbagh, come and see the large number of party workers who are ready to cast their vote on “teer” anxiously despite threats to their lives
MY friends,
There are some forces in the country who want to divide you. But the PPP is the party that unites. This is the party of federation. This is the party of my Punjab, my Balochistan, my Sindh, my KPK, my People’s party. This is the party of the poor, Labourers, and peasants. If you want to be united under the flag of PPP, then You will be protected.
This is your country, this is your party, and the teer (arrow) was our symbol yesterday and it is our symbol today. This is the sign of our destination and we will reach on our destination following the path of the teer.

“AB to Haalat Jasay Bhe Ho,Maray logo, Khud ko Taqseem Na Karan,
Ab agar Zalzalay aye, to Qayamat Nahe, Maray Dil ki, Maray Dard K Maray logo, Ab k Asa Nahe honay dena, Khud ko Taqseem Na Karna. “

If you want to live then you have to fight against this mindset, which is the enemy of our prosperity, We have to defeat those who tortured women in Swat, who bombed our mosques, who wanted to keep away our innocent girls like Malala from schools.

Today, they claim to be a political party; we have to defeat those who provide shelter to terrorists to get their votes and also call themselves saints.

My dear colleagues,

If you want to defeat them, then promise me to vote for the teer. Time had sealed your voice, dictators had tried to take your voice away, but Now, the time has come, you are free to speak and you should tell the world that you will not remain silent now.

Let’s promise that we will make reelect BB’s party and vote for the teer(arrow).

“Roti, Kapra or Makan
Ilm,Sehat, sab ko Kam
Dehshat say Mehfooz Awam
Oncha ho Jamhoor Ka Nam “

Jeay Bhutto
Ya Allah ….Ya Rasol
Benazir Bay Qasoor


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by muhammad iftikhar on April 25, 2013 at 7:13 am

    PPPP have done nothing for pakistan.
    Pakistan have been drown by past govrnment


  2. Posted by Adnan A on April 25, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    How long you morons will try to cash-in on dead people. Get a life.


  3. Posted by irshad ali bijoro on April 30, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    jea bilawal bhuto zardari
    ham ppp se mohbat karte hen
    salaam shaheedun ko


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